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Updated 24th January 2012.

I just received some nice new red rope and couldn't wait to test it out. So I grabbed Melissa, sat her down on the couch, and had her quickly all roped up tight.

Looking young, sluty and naughty - and being treated like she deserves.

Melissa has this thing about having her elbows tied behind her back. She's very proud of the fact that she can now get her elbows together, and so asked me to tie her this may in a bondage request of her own.

Elbows tied together until they are touching, and very tight crotch-ropes.

I just love the look of a girl in a tight leather bondage harness. The way the straps buckle in so tight above and below the breasts and around her waist, and between her legs..... Then to finish off, a tight fitting muzzle gag.

Strapped tightly in leather straps and a bondage harness.

Melissa tells the story of a bondage virgin, curious to fulfill her dream of being tightly bound on a bondage website. The girls body is stretched so tight she's almost hanging from the roof, raised up onto her tippee toes, and arms and legs spread wide with spreader bars.

Stretched up to the roof so tight she is has to stand on her tippee-toes.

Our constant quest for the tightest hogtie Melissa has ever been in continues. In her latest adventure, not only is the hogtie tight, but she is very effectively gagged by a tight fitting muzzle gag, which is then used to pull her head back hard!

Muzzle gagged, hogtied, and her head pulled back hard.

We were staying in a hotel room with a wonderful view out to the other hotels. So to give the other hotel occupants something to talk about, Melissa was tied up on the coffee table very stringently for all to see. She started drooling the position was so tight!!

On show for all to see in a hotel room.

Strapped down to a stool, pegs on her nipples, tightly gagged, and bare arsed just waiting for something........

Severe punishment and torture with whippings, floggings, spankings, and the use of pegs and nipple clamps.

This is one very tight hogtie. Although it isn't all that very uncomfortable, it is still very restrictive and I can guarantee she wasn't able to move an inch!

Tied up in Street-Wear, just like all those girls you see walking down the street.

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