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Armbinder Strappado - Part-3 - Melissa Roberts
Get More: Armbinder Strappado - Part-3 - Melissa Roberts

Hanging around on the rope

Being punished!!

A bondage request of her own

Strapped to the chair and flogged

The red rope strappado

Arms tightly bound together

Balanced on her knees

Trying not to drool everywhere

Tightly hogtied and strapped down

Extremely uncomfortable positions

Watch her as she is bound tighter and tighter

Struggling and squirming to get free

Bound on hr knees and flogged

Strapped to a ladder and flogged

Bent backwards in "way to tight" hogties

Arms tied to the roof and molested

Very tight nipple clamps

Head pulled back hard to her ankles

Tied up while out on a date.....

.....Then stripped down to her underwear

Very tight strappados and with legs wide apart

Struggling on the floor in hogties

Worked over like a bondage toy

Tied into demeaning positions

Drooling all over the table

Tied to a clothes rack and spanked

Begging to be let free

Bound up naked waiting for something to happen

Self bondage adventures.....and disasters

Tight leather bondage harness


The Kidnapped Schoolgirl Series

Underwear in her mouth and tapped gagged

Struggling and squirming to get free

Ballgag forced into her mouth

Strapped in nice and tight

Clothing pegs placed onto her nipples

Being worked over

Arms behind back in leather cuffs

Clamped nipples and crotch ropes

Being molested while bound up

Strapped to a table and given a good cropping

Watch her scream with pain as she is tortured

Blindfolded and gagged

Hanging from the roof by her wrists

Hanging by her wrists ans ankles

Squirming in a hogtie on the ground

Being worked over by a vibrator

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