What happens when I signup?

The cost to subscribe is 14.95 for 1 month, 25.95 for 3 months, or 39.95 for 6 months. That's less than getting a meal at McDonalds (not that is something any of us would do!), and you get to enjoy it for the entire month! On the sign up page, and before you commit to the transaction, you will be able to select your payment method such as credit card, the duration you want to sign up for, and then the page will show you what the cost will be in your local currency on current exchange rates.

If you choose to go with the standard rate of 14.95, you will have an ongoing subscription to this site, and your Credit-Card or Checking Account will be automatically re-billed for you every 30 days, but at the lower rate of only 9.95! For as long as you remain a member, you will only have to pay this lower rate, so you constantly save. On a 3 or 6 month subscription, you will not be automatically re-billed.


Here is a breakdown of you purchase options:


14.95 for 1 month, then 9.95 every month thereafter


25.95 for 3 months, not recurring (that's 8.65 per month!)


39.95 for 6 months, not recurring (that's 6.65 per month!)


Special Offer!!!

9.95 for 1 weeks access!!!

If you've ever been interested - sign up now for this special rate!

The subscription then returns to the loyalty rate of 9.95 per month recurring if you don't cancel within the 7 days.



Important!! You remain a member as long as you like, and when you'd like to cancel, either e-mail me and I'll take care of it immediately, or you can cancel via the Tickets Club entry page.

When you join, you will be sent an email containing all your subscription information, including your all important user code and pass code, which you will need to enter the members section. This information is sent to you via email, so it's important that you don't use a fake email address!! If you don't like email of this sort arriving at your main email address, try using a free email service such as  www.hotmail.com or www.yahoo.com or gmail.com for a more private email service.



Any enquires you may have, send them to:


and I'll get right back too you A.S.A.P.


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