Are you interested in doing bondage modeling?
(Including private sessions - see below)

If you live in Australia, we are looking for women who enjoy the activities, positions and scenarios this site portrays and who would be interested in modeling. You can expect us to be professional and to work strictly within your limits.


Q. Do I need modeling experience? Bondage, non-bondage, etc.?

A. No experience is required at all. This is in keeping with the amateur theme of this site. If you've never been tied up before, that's fine as well, but make sure that you are sure of what you're getting yourself into!!

Q. I wouldn't consider myself model material, should I apply?

A. Most of the female population consider themselves to be plain and ordinary. They are invariably wrong. "Girl next door" types are preciously what we are looking for.

Q. Do I need to be flexible?

A. No, not at all. In fact you'll find that you'll gain increased flexibility the more you are tied up - a bit like doing plenty of stretching exercises.

Q. What if after the first picture set I don't like it and don't want to do anymore?

A. You can stop at any time and you will be paid for whatever work you have done.

Q. Can I keep the pictures I do?

A. Yes you can, but we ask that you consult us first if you plan to use them for a commercial purpose.

Q. Do I get paid for modeling for the website? Is modeling for the website paid work?

A. We'd like to think that you would be doing it for the fun of it, but yes, you DO get paid, and paid very well!

Q. I'm really curious to try out bondage, but I don't want to model for the website and I don't want pictures taken of me (or I just want pictures taken to keep for myself). Do you perform private sessions?

A. Yes indeed, private sessions are available. Just email us and we can have a talk about what you want to do and try. It's good for us, because sometimes it can lead to you ending up being a bondage model once you realize how much you love it!


For more information, send an email to: