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Updated 13th February 2023


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The Logo denotes that this model is a "Bondage Virgin", and that this is their first time ever in strict bondage.

Layla got tied up in the sexy outfit she arrived in, then she got tied up in tiny little lingerie that barely covers anything, now she finds herself completely naked, and strictly hogtied. Turning the vulnerability dial to maximum, I bind her young naked body up into a very strict hogtie, leaving her completely unable to move, and the ropes so tight it brought tears to her pleading eyes.

Layla finds herself striped naked, gagged, and placed into a particually strict Hogtie.

 Layla is back, and this time for her first hogtie - and a strict one at that. She is stripped down to a very revealing little lingerie set, has her arms abound grindingly tight at her elbows, a crotch rope is yanked tight between her sexy long legs, and a 2" harness ball gag is strapped in nice and tight. To finish it off, she is hogtied tight, with her head pulled back so she id forced to look forward.

Layla experiences what tight, strict and inescapable bondage is all about, while placed in her first hogtie.

I've tied up my fair share of cute young girls, some absolute stunners amongst them. Then one day I came across Layla. She absolutely took my breath away. I knew right away that she would look so hot and cute all tied up, and I just knew those lips would look amazing around a big red rubber ball. One way or another, I was going to get this girl all tied up and at my mercy......

Layla is my sexy young little bondage muse, bound up tight and gagged for the first time.

 Samantha is one very flexible girl. Her arms are basically like playing with a rubber toy. What better combination than to bind those arms together as tightly as I can get them, and then rope her up with her legs pulled up as well. Oh, did I mention she would be naked the whole time as well? All she can do is squirm around on the wood floor, try desperately not to end up completely exposed to the camera.

Samantha is stripped naked, has her elbows slammed together, and left squirming on the floor.

I've had a few interesting sessions with Cobie. She is crazy flexible, and ropes up oh so very nicely, but I was yet to use some nice Leather Equipment on her. I was thinking, what better way than to do a nice Boot and Armbinder session. Simple enough, or so Cobie thought. Little did she know that things would be quite uncomfortable for her, indeed. Suspended, Hogtied, Stretched - it was a good test all round.

Cobie tried out some of my leather gear, and the test are very rigorous indeed.


 Cassandra was interested in trying another suspension position. This time it would be a suspended frogtie, with her arms high up behind her back. Ultimately it came together so well I didn't want to let her down, and decided to have a rest on the bed underneath her while I admired the view of my nice new mobile. All up this had to be by far my favorite suspension to date, as she just looks so sexy with that gagged face looking right at me. :-)

Cassandra stares at with with those big gorgeous sexy eyes, with her head pulled back by the harness gag.

It's amazing the kind of people you meet just catching the train. Sure there are plenty of cute girls, and sure some of them might have a secret bondage fantasy, but how many actually recognize you from your bondage website, and come over to talk to you? It's one of those surreal experiences that you think just don't happen until this girl ends up bound up tight on your couch.


I met Jennifer on a train ride, now she's tied up on my couch. Mental note: catch the train more.

 On her own, Melissa in white lingerie is amazing, her body curving in all the right places, but then she is put through her paces with some very nice tight rope work as well. She's gagged front the start, making sure that she can't protest about what is to come. Every rope is pulled as tight as humanly possible, leaving her bound so tight that all she can do is squirm a little and whimper into her excessively tight harness gag. :-)

Melissa show how sweet, innocent and pure she can look in all white. A tight corset, and even tighter ropes.

I had completed and new very tightly sized White Armbinder. It was the usual length but this thing was VERY narrow. It could even be impossibly narrow. I knew who to call to give it a try, thin petite and flexible Samantha. I laced it on only to find that with her elbows touching it wasn't fully laced shut yet. So I just kept pulling the laces anyway. Somehow it completely closed, and her arms were bound into super tight "Y" position. Once bound I decided to play a new game - just how long could I keep her in the Armbinder for.....

The petite and flexible Samantha gets to try out my new extra narrow and small White Armbinder.

 Caetlyn has done a few shoots so far, but yet to do something in Lingerie & Corset and yet to do something really stringent. Now I know she is so cute and sweet and innocent and she should be treated accordingly, but there's something really fun about tying her wrists, elbows, ankles and knees, bending her forward, tying a crotch rope up to the roof, strapping in a harness ball gag, and tying her head back. There's also something fun about watching her try to stand up only to realize that makes the crotch rope even tighter. :-)

Caetlyn is in lingerie & a tight Corset, bent into a strappado, her head pulled back, and a tight crotch rope.

Cobie was over for a visit. Just dressed casually, and nothing was setup. One thing led to another and an impromptu bondage session resulted. So special clothing or lingerie, no special lighting. We opened the curtains, the light streamed in, and I started tying her up and seeing where it took us. What resulted was a very sexy bit of bondage, showing off the curves of her tight and sexy body. Elbows tied grindingly tight together, big ball gag, tight ropes, strict hogtie, and toes tied together - Things just got tighter and tighter.

Cobie in an impromptu tie up session. Tight elbow tie, hogtied tight, toes tied together - none of it planned.

 My continuation of an examination into suspension. This time around a hybrid suspension. It starts as a hogtie, and a stringent one at that. Elbows tight together, bound at her wrists, and then legs at her ankles and knees. Toes tied, and harness gag pulling her head back. In itself a very hard position to maintain, but lets add to this. Loops of rope are added to various areas of her body and then attached to a suspension hoist. A press of the button and up into the air she goes, swinging back and forth, unable to move any part of her body, unable to escape.

Tied up tight, hogtied and suspended. Elbows tight together. Toe's tied forward. Head tied back.

Courtney follows on from her previous image set, with this one picking up where the last one left off. She was laying on the floor recovering from being balanced on her knees when right away the next set of ropes were lashed onto her body. Before she has a chance to realize what is coming she is pulled up into the air in a suspended frog-tie, her legs wide apart, nipples clamped, 2" gag tightly strapped on and her head pulled back at a painful angle. There she swings in the air back and forth, complete at my mercy.

Courtney is Naked, Bound, Gagged, Suspended, Clamped...... Vulnerable.

 I have been having a problem with Cobie. Basically I'm not tying her up tight enough. Yes, I know what you are about to say, but apparently having one's elbows bound hard together just isn't tight enough. So this time around I was determined to put a girl into the most extreme and tightest Hogtie I have ever placed a poor girl into. Her body is strictly bound with ropes all over her body, and In the end her upper and lower body starts to change colour because the ropes are just so tight. She is pulled into an extreme arch by tying her chest ropes to her ankles, then pulled tight until her untire upper body is lifted from the table.

Cobie loves being tied up tight, but finds out that sometimes it can actually be too tight!

My two previous shoots with Samantha had her fully clothed, but I was hoping to see some more for this one. When I suggested a lingerie underwear shoot this is what she presented me with - sexy G-String and matching bra. A nice box tie kept her arms nice and high as to not spoil the amazing view, and the use of a crotch rope made things even more interesting. With her legs bound together tightly and pulled up into a hogtie by her breast ropes, her sexy and curvy bottom was very nicely presented indeed.

Samantha shows that she is even sexier without her clothes on while bound up tight.

 This is the second part of the set I did with Caetlyn wearing the schoolgirl uniform. I ended up doing heaps of images with her dressed up like this (who wouldn't!), and so it ended up being a 2 part set. Now I ask you, what school on earth would allow the female students to frolic around in outfits like this? Yep, that's right., the ARW boarding school for naughty young women needing an education in Bondage & Discipline! So I watch her writhe around on the floor trying to untie herself, and actually doing a reasonable job, until she realizes that there actually is no way out at all.

Caetlyn squirms around on my living room rug while he way to small skirt leaves nothing to the imagination.

After a big break from ARW, Nicci is back to try out some more ultra tight bondage. She starts out all smiles, but all too quickly she finds herself bound by her wrists, elbows, ankles and knees, then hogtied, gagged and left on the couch for hours to come. She struggles, she moans, she begs for release through the 2" Ball Gag filling her mouth, but all I do to help things is to make the hogtie even tighter. Only now - once it is too late to escape - does Nicci remember why it was that she was so afraid to come back.......

Nicci forgot just how tight and inescapabilty the bondage was last time - all to her peril.

 Cassandra is quite simply the perfect bondage model. She is incredibly flexible - easily able to handle grindingly tight elbow bondage amongst other things - she has the most amazing body with incredible natural breasts, she has a mouth easily able to take up to a 2 1/4" ball gag, but best of all she has the cutest girl-next-door look going. This time round I have her bound tightly to a dining room chair, and I show off all 4 things listed above that make her simply... perfect!

Cassandra is easily the perfect bondage model. She shows off just how perfect while strapped tight to a dining room chair.

Courtney gave me a call one day and asked if she could drop in to discuss some ideas she was having for a shoot. She arrived wearing a very typical outfit for her, and plunked herself down onto my couch looking oh so sweet and innocent. We got to talking, and then one thing led to another, and before we knew it is she was hogtied tightly on the couch with a big ball gag in her mouth! It was late and so I went and had dinner, and just left her like that to squirm around wondering how she got into this mess.

Courtney comes around for a chat, but ends up bound and gagged in a hogtie, then left like that.

 Just having a corset on your body with it cinching your waist down by 4 inches would normally be hard in itself, but how about having your elbows bound achingly tight behind your back until they touch, a big 2" ball gag strapped into your mouth, and then being hogtied far tighter than you can endure? Cobie has all this done to her, but unfortunately she didn't struggle all that much, because basically she couldn't move an inch! There's something very..... pure.... about being bound up tight in white lingerie, a white ball gag, and black rope.

Cobie gets to find out that being hogtied while in a corset that cinches your waist down by 4 inch's can be rather "difficult".

Caetlyn is back at ARW, this time for a most tight and restrictive Hogtie position. She wear a pair of "barely there" bathers, which shows just what a sexy and shapely body she has. She gets tied up by her wrists, elbows, ankles and knees, then rolled over onto her stomach and put into a hogtie with the rope running from her ankles to her elbow ropes. Forced into a very restrictive arch she can't even rest her head on the ground, and once gagged as well is forced to endure this position for over an hour.

Caetlyn wears her really tiny G-String bathers, then gets bound into her tightest and most restrictive Hogtie ever.

 This is actually the first set I did with the very flexible Samantha. When I first work with a new girl I see how hard it is to press their elbows together. Samantha's elbows, well, just went straight together as if they naturally sit together like that. There is something very sexy about a girl who's flexible like that - well for me anyway! Without missing a beat I bound her into a very restrictive hogtie keeping those elbows grindingly tight together, then finished off with my next amazing discovery - she can easily take a 2" ball gag into her mouth. Very nice indeed!

Samantha gets trussed up tight on the casting couch, when I discover just how easily her elbows come together.

Courtney is forced to maintain are rather tricky position indeed. She is bound with her legs folded up and tied to the back of her thighs while balanced on top of a rather rickety foot stool. Her arms are bound tightly behind her back with her elbow together, and so the only things keeping her from falling are the ropes attached to the rope harness around her body. Problem is, that rope harness has a rather tight fitting crotch rope part of it! Just to make things even more interesting for her, out come the Clothes Pegs......

Courtney is stripped naked then forced to balance on her knees while her elbows are lashed tightly together.

I have this great big pile of leather straps, and a very nice leather bondage harness. I also had some ideas on a few different positions I wanted to try, so I asked Ariel if she would help out try some "different" things. Before she knew it her elbows were bound painfully tight behind her back, she was muzzle gagged with a 2" ball forced deep with her mouth, she was lifted into the air by an electric hoist with her swinging by her wrists and ankles, and she was stretched with he legs wide apart and suspended by her arms. She might think twice before she says yes next time....

Ariel discovers just how hard things can get when you agree to "help test a few different positions".

Melissa is back to have another go at being tied into an impossibly tight position. This time around we are going after one of those John Willie style impossibly tight positions. All too often the imagery of John Willie is considered impossible to do to a real girl, but I believe otherwise - you just need the right girl. Melissa shows that she is more than capable of enduring a corset that reduced her waist to an impossibly small size, and an Armbinder that grinds her arms together behind her back.

Melissa is strapped into a tightly contorted position in the style of John Willie.

Tita the cute little teenage minx is back, and this time it's a strict hogtie and gag for her. She arrived in this amazingly tiny outfit that she had actually worn here - no doubt to tease men to distraction while out and about. I thought, perfect! So I immediately thought that this girl needs to be taught a lesson for her teasing behavior. Afterwards when she left she had rope marks all over her body. No problem for her, just another way to tease men again! Grrrrrr.

Tita the cute little teenage minx is back in a cute little outfit to match.

Sexy office girls. You knows the one - you go into reception at some company and there is this amazingly gorgeous girl behind the desk wearing clothes that are amazingly too tight and hug every curve and bump just nicely. You can't help but notice those amazing breasts trying to burst free from their tiny shirt but she catches you looking and flashes one of those dagger looks back at you! If only she could be tied up and punished you think to yourself........

A sexy office girl gets roped into an extremely tight position, then gagged.

Cobie is back for some more bondage fun. Apparently is was able to escape the painfully tight Strappado I had he bound into, so this time she would be bound into a ridiculously tight Frog-Tie. Her arms are tied together with her elbows so tight you couldn't even force a credit-card between them. He legs are folded over and bound tight, ropes are lashed around her body tightly above and below her breasts, and she has a 2" ball gag strapped tightly into her mouth. I then start tickling her.......

Cobie is placed into a stringent Frog-Tie, then I tickle those bare feet of hers..


Samantha comes to give some bondage work a go with ARW. I immediately find that this cute young girl has the most amazing flexible arms! Her elbows are just begging to always be bound together. Not only do they touch, they are bound about as hard together as could possibly be! I bound those arms of hers together at her wrists as well as above and below her elbows, then bound her to the chair with her legs pulled up and wide apart. To finish off, I stuffed a 2" ball gag into her mouth.

Samantha shows just how incredibly tight she can get her arms and elbows together.

Cassy decided to be a brunette and I was none too pleased!!! To teach her a lesson some hard endurance bondage was needed. She was laced into the corset cinching her waist down tighter than ever before, her arms were crushed tight into a size too small Armbinder, I put an extra tight harness ball gag into her mouth buckling it up tighter than needed, and then I strapped her up tight so she couldn't move an inch. I finished by tie a rope to her head harness pulling it back very hard indeed. She stayed like this for several hours to teach her a lesson!

Cassy is placed into an inescapable endurance bondage position - unable to move, unable to escape, unable to call for help.


 Courtney, a cover model from Penthouse magazine (February 2009) joins us here at ARW. It was a fantasy of mine, flipping through porn mags in my teens imagining those hot women bound and gagged and at my mercy, and now I have my chance! She is in a very strict Strappado, forced to keep her arse up by the crotch rope tied to the ceiling, standing on tippy toes, and has her head held back by the 2" harness ball gag!

Courtney is roped into a particularly strict Strappado position and forced onto her toes.


I've been wanting to work with Caetlyn again since, well, the first time I worked with her! She just has this wwaaayyyyy too naughty look all the time - the kind of look girls her age like to give you that just makes you want to tie them up and teach them a lesson! So anyway, she hadn't brought much in the way of clothing to wear (other than g-string bathers), so I told her to have a look through all the stuff I had. 10 minutes later she comes prancing out dressed like this, pigtails and all. I swear, some girls are just begging for punishment!


Caetlyn the Schoolgirl is bound up tight, legs spread wide, then gagged with a ball-gag that is too big.


 Sarah really can take a lot when it comes to difficult bondage positions so I wanted to see just how much she could take. First I strapped her up in the Armbinder, her elbows hard together, and then the ballet boots. After that  I suspended her upside down, then by her wrists and ankles in a suspended hogtie. After that I tried tying her with one leg bent up behind her. No matter how tight it got, she could still do it. I'm very hard pressed to find what exactly Sarah's limits are!

Sarah in an Armbinder, ballet boots, suspended upside down, suspended hogtie, reverse hogtie, she takes it all.


How about a nice stringent position involving my favorite white corset? After cinching down her waist nice and tight by about 3 inches, I then tied her legs in a folded over position. Each hand was then bound to each ankle on her legs, but the real kicker came when I also tied her elbows together making her body as tight as a drum. With her no longer able to rest her head on the floor I also strapped in a nice white 2" Ball Gag. A very hard position to maintain indeed!


Showing off her incredible flexibility and endurance by being bound into a very stringent Frog-Tie.


 Introducing a new girl to the ARW team - Tita! Tita is one hell of a cute little minx which I really enjoyed tying up. To start her off, I had a corset on her with a 4" reduction, and the ballet boots which bent her feet into a very uncomfortable arch. Then I went to work on her with all the various length straps to keep her nice and still. She looks so cute an innocent all bound up and unable to escape.

Cute and innocent Tita, endures her first experience in tight bondage.


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